Proud to announce we are breeding from 6- 1st Ace pigeons 5 of which go back to our Ludo Claessens, 
1st & 3rd 442mi Overall Topeka Midwest Natl. Classic vs 3,619b '16.  We are the only loft in the history of the
Twin City Concourse to ever win 7- 1st Concourse races in a season (2017 Old Birds).  We are also breeding from 
multiple 1st 300 & 350mi winners.

Jon & Dave Bourgoin
(Son & Father)
Bourgoin Family Lofts
It all started in the early 60's with Dave as a young boy catching his first baby pigeons and hand raising them in a card board box.  Dave has always had a love of pigeons and passed that onto Jon while he was growing up.
In the beginning having pigeons was just fun for Dave & Jon until early 2000's when someone broke into our loft and Jon's family of Black's was stollen.  We decided it was time to get out until 2006 when we were working in Bemidji, MN and Jon caught a blue bar splash hen that had been shot at a gun range.  We took the splash hen back home and she later bred us several 1st.  In 2006 we decided we wanted to race at a more professional level and started to bring in the Ludo Claessens and the Famous John Stoll pair Thunder & Maria.  The first Ludo Claessens to come to our lofts and the foundation of our family today was Grizzly, Tom Cat, & Miss Katoog these three birds are World Class producing many 1st place winners, Ace Pigeons, Champion Birds, AU Registered Champions, and One Loft winners all over the USA.
Within a few years we bred De Favorite Ace the best Young Bird in Minnesota.  We have created a family of Ace pigeons that produce Ace pigeons.  Now breeding from 6- 1st Aces Young/Middle Distance, multiple 2nd, and 3rd Aces. 

1st Ace Young Bird all Minnesota '17
1st Ace Young Bird all Rhode Island '17 bred by Nick Zervas - both parents bred by Dan Feltenstein down form our Ludo-Stoll with a few other x's
1st Ace Middle Distance Twin City Concourse '17
1st Natl. Ace Young Bird RPD '16 bred by Dan Romanski bred down from our Ludo Claessens
1st Ace Young Bird all Minnesota '16
1st Ace Young Bird Twin City Concourse '16 bred by 777 Loft down from our Brother Mr Bolt
1st Ace Sprint NABC OLR '15 - Bourgoin/Lee
1st Ace Young Bird all Minnesota '14 bred by LHTL from our Ludo x John Stoll blood
1st Ace Young Bird Twin City Concourse '13
1st Ace Young Bird Twin City Concourse '12
1st Ace Young Bird all Minnesota '10

Health Program
Our program is pretty simply vaccinate for PMV & Paratyphoid, treat for worms with Ropa Para, & treat with Berimax 4 weeks before breeding and 6 weeks before racing.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday Ropa 10% Liquid in the water or Ropadiar 10% Liquid in the water.
Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday Ropa Flight Boost in the water & Ropa 2% Feeding oil on the feed.
(Thursday & Friday Vitamins in the water)
A few days a week we use a loft spray one is a Ropa B brand and the other is made from essential oils
Sunday the birds get a bath every week with Bath Salts in the water.

During the breeding & racing season supply the birds with as much pick stone, pink mineral, & grit as they want.
Our grit mix:
1 Bag Natural Company or Versa Laga Grit
2 Bags Oyster Shell - Fleet Farm
1 Bag Red Kaytee Grit or Cherry Stone Fine
1 Bag Natural Red Stone
6lbs Granulated Charcoal - Foys
2 8oz bottles Anise - Foys
10lbs Calf Manna - Fleet Farm
2 buckets Vitamineral Powder Natural Company

  Best products on the market to keep your pigeons healthy naturally.  

  We use Flight Boost, Ropa B 2% Feeding Oil, Ropa B 10% Liquid or Ropadiar 10% Liquid, Ropa Para for worms, ROPA-B BOOSTER 'ALL IN ONE' PROBIOTIC & PREBIOTIC, Ropa Loft Spray, & Ropa Grit.